Paintings by ApB - Agnes Preston-Brame

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Fine galleries in Virginia and North Carolina.


Recent shows:

09/2022 - New Work - solo show, The Artery, Greensboro, NC

10/2021 - Captured Moments - solo show, Burgwin-Wright House, Wilmington, NC

07/2021 - Encounters - solo show, Fox Gallery at Friends Homes, Greensboro, NC

01/2020 - transFigurations - solo show, Theatre Art Galleries, High Point, NC

01/2020 - Resolution 2020 - juried show, Hillsboro, NC

03/2019 - Recent Paintings, solo show at Ambleside Gallery, Greensboro, NC

06/2018 - figurEtively speaking - solo show at Revolution Mill, Greensboro, NC

12/2017 - Collectors' Choice - invitational group exhibit, Green Hill Winter Show, Greensboro NC

10/2017 - New Paintings - solo show at Ambleside Gallery, Greensboro, NC

11/2016 - Recent Paintings - solo show at Ambleside Gallery, Greensboro, NC


Recent Publications

"O. Henry" March 2019

The Art of Reinvention

by Nancy Oakley

I’m reinventing myself, as I always say,” Agnes Preston-Brame chuckles from her perch on her living room sofa, which just so happens to be upholstered in an elegant fleur-de-lys pattern that she designed. Behind her hang two large paintings . . . 

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Featured in "Triad City Beat" June 2018

Leaving an Impression

by Lauren Barber

They say if you want to know what mood you are in, you best start singing,” she says. “Whatever song comes out of you, it will tell you.”

This is one of Agnes Preston-Brame’s firmly held beliefs, and for her it holds true for the colors on her painter’s palette.

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Featured in "We Are Greensboro" Fall 2017

A Life By Design

by Tony Bates

For many of us life has a way of getting in the way.  We start off with an interest or desire that we'd like to follow when one thing then another comes along, diverting us from our path.  Of course we may eventually return to it later in life or even find new interests to pursue; but often that's after long periods of . . . well, life.  If we are able to return, that's wonderful, but in the end, how many of us take an interest we have as a child and use it to fuel a passion that lasts a lifetime?

Artist/Designer Agnes Preston-Brame has done just that.  By staying true to herself while developing the ability to adjust and adapt, Agnes has not just maintained a presence in the world of art and design, she has excelled there.

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