Agnes Preston-Brame

Artist's Statement

From the beginning, my paintings have always had a commitment to figurative themes.  Even when I explore other subject matters, I find myself reverting to the human form and the intrigue of human connections.

I work entirely from memory, depending on remembrances of my observations and feelings.  I continually search for different ways to visually convey emotions, attitudes, and circumstances.

When I start working, I usually have no preconceived idea of a specific image.  I begin in the hope of discovery.  During the creative process, a painting often goes through several metamorphoses and the final image may be ambiguous, even to me.

Ultimately, my intention is to depict the human spirit through its form and to create sometimes paradoxical notions that have emotional and intellectual impact on the viewer.

Paintings by ApB

See current pieces available for sale, and some of Agnes's sold work!

See several available and some sold pieces by Agnes.

Paintings by ApB

Artwork by Agnes Preston-Brame

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